Compiling High Fidelity on the Raspberry Pi Model B v2 is surprisingly not too difficult. The biggest thing that will take up your time is compiling QT5 (5.3.2 specifically, since as of writing, this is the minimal version you need). Compiling 5.4.1 gets ‘close’ to working but doesn’t compile QtWebkit properly, which is required for building High Fidelity in the first place! After some tinkering around in my free time, I finally was able to get a build working, but only after experimenting with what did work and did not. Let my mistakes be your knowledge.

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This time ended up with more desirable results. Thanks to a newly acquired digital caliper, I was able to more properly set the calibration parameters. In the end, I had to still guess some values because of how sensitive the variables were. While it still isn’t 100% perfect (we’re talking about less than a percent off), it is enough to do what I need it to do. Maybe later I can calibrate it better but it is no longer such a high priority.Continue reading