Yay, Halloween! That time of the year that holds quite a few cultural meanings around the world, with a meaning that changes as we age. Let’s be honest, the glee of Halloween couldn’t rival that of Christmas, but we’d be damned if it wasn’t an important day on our calendars. As we age, its meaning changes and at some point, it changes from receiving the candy towards putting it on the shopping cart. It’s tradition, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.Continue reading

This time ended up with more desirable results. Thanks to a newly acquired digital caliper, I was able to more properly set the calibration parameters. In the end, I had to still guess some values because of how sensitive the variables were. While it still isn’t 100% perfect (we’re talking about less than a percent off), it is enough to do what I need it to do. Maybe later I can calibrate it better but it is no longer such a high priority.Continue reading