This post will be the start of a series of journal posts regarding the entire process of compiling the domain server and assignment client for High Fidelity on a Raspberry Pi, Model B. I figure this will be useful down the road and will be worth the articles.

Day 01 – QT5 in a Pi-shell

So, I finally have the domain server and assignment client running on Linux. Believe me, seeing this makes me happier than hell. I seriously have to give credit to Coal for the CentOS Setup script, which is making the process far easier. After reading it a few times, it is helping me understand the real libraries I need to run the domain server and assignment client, which the other tutorials follow how to compile the interface, which isn’t in my interest range for now.

My intended goal is to have a single domain server instance on one Pi, and have a sub network of Pis all running an assignment client for the main Pi, making a smooth pseudo-cluster network. After reviewing the requirements, this can’t be too hard to work out, but then again, this is also one of the first times I will have to cross compile something for another platform. The more you know, they say…

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So, after a few days, I now have my site back online… sort of. At this time, i am trying to find out what is causing a large amount of CPU usage on the server, which has LunarPages not very thrilled with me at the moment. After proving it was the WordPress engine (surprise, surprise), I now have to find out why WordPress causes other PHP scripts to use exceedingly more CPU power than normal.

More to come later.

Gotta love my job, right? Coding, listening to music, talking with friends, things can’t get any better (well, that is a flat-out lie, a lot of things could get better but hey, living in the moment). Suddenly, Skype decided to remind me about random messages and why it is often better to just ignore them.

Warning: The following is intended for mature audiences only.

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Flying Fucking Spaghetti Monster
Flying Fucking Spaghetti Monster

Moments before I am about to die.

No, seriously. Fuck that mission. Fuck that ENTIRE mission! In fact, fuck that entire SERIES of missions (Except maybe the first part, it wasn’t too bad).

For those who enjoys the habitat of under a rock, Freedom Wars might as well be the sole reason of owning a PS Vita. No seriously, it is. Persona 4 Golden was rocking the house as ‘a reason’ but it just met its match when Freedom Wars became ‘the reason’ to own a Vita. I haven’t touched a console game in ages so when I come back to the aging Vita with something that gives it purpose, it was amazing…

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