Day 05 – Ugh…

So I let the Pi do its business compiling until I goofed up and forgot to run screen first. A “tee-hee” disconnect moment later, and things started to get out of hand. At this point, I figured I would have to clean the build and start all over again. Well, needless to say, more errors just kept popping up after a clean and I’m convinced that I am missing something…

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Day 04 – Too Much Pi for Today

Well, today had the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good: The QTBase compiled like a charm! Sure, it was done by the time I woke up, but it was fine and dandy. I ran configure on the root of qt5, which took VERY little time, and ran make, though with a deviation from the tutorial where I ran it using “make | tee output_make” instead, so that I could track the project as it went along (Thanks, Liny). Since QTBase was done, that meant qmake was part of my arsenal. Sweet! Time to resume.

The Bad: Surprise! I don’t have enough space!

/home/pi/opt/qt5/qtbase/include/QtWidgets/../../src/widgets/widgets/qtoolbutton.h:127:2: fatal error: can’t write PCH file: No space left on device compilation terminated.

I’d like to note that the tutorial DOES say I can use an 8GB card, but the trend of these tutorials being outdated is becoming more apparent, for you see…

The Ugly: …sometime last year, the size of the standard Raspbian image for the Pi went up to around 3GB in size. To explain this more, my Raspberry Pi Bitcoin miner runs on a 2GB card. The ODROID-W came with an 8GB card, which was more than plenty for a lot of things (the thing can use eMMC memory if I wanted to). Under normal conditions, I’m sure I would have had enough room if I was building with that extra amount of space. I will say that the logs are most likely taking a lot of space (the output_make log for QTBase was 2.7MB alone), but even if I did shave them off, I wouldn’t be saving much. Whatever the Raspberry Pi Foundation added that made the image a solid 1GB bigger is beyond me, but I think it has something to do with the WolfRam Alpha integration. I’ll have to look into it later.

So, I basically have to move the image to a bigger micro-SD and try again. The one from my GoPro should do fine (32GB, I’m not using it anytime soon), though this does make me wonder if I should retry this as a future goal on Minibian, which is Raspbian with the excess fat cut off. At that point, I’m sure I could compile the QT5 library and perhaps have room to even compile HiFi on an 8GB SD card. This is all speculation, but ones I’m more sure of since we only really need the console and development tools for now.

I’ll transfer the image tomorrow. I didn’t get to do much with the cross compiling, but between Second Life scripting and doing extra junk with my website, which continues to use more CPU usage despite every course of action I have taken, I am glad to see that the only error for today was due to a minor oversight rather than something that would halt the project altogether.

By the way, for any programmers or people who need calm, listening music, I have been listening to musicForProgramming’s tracks. They are all very interesting and I will say it helps keep things calm. If you like their stuff, be sure to donate to help keep their services online. Even a dollar helps them out, and is worth it if you do enjoy what they have to offer.

Day 03 – Web Hosts, Webkit, and SQlite3, ODROID!

Today resulted in nothing special. My web host decided to ignore my ticket statements and disabled some important scripts on my site, like I told them to not do despite every bit of reasoning I gave them to NOT do so. A phone-call later with an actual person to explain everything proved pretty much everything I was saying. Shocker! This, along with other things, makes me question if my Associates in Computer Science was worth getting in the first place.

So I went ahead and live updated the image with the remaining QT Modules, which all worked except the elephant in the room, QTWebkit. The problem with this one is that the current tutorial on cross compiling doesn’t cover every module, which has resulted in me having to do more exploring around in how to get things working. One thing that became apparent was that because the Raspbian image I was using did NOT have SQLite3-dev, I couldn’t compile QTWebkit! All this work only to be faced with another brick wall… great.Continue reading

Day 02 – This Pi is such a QT

Well, it looks like the image was alright, and the base QT configuration worked out. However, it is missing the other modules I need, which I had problems working out due to the changes of set up. Sure enough, the base was done right (though I had to deal with a LONG path to it), and the needed modules were missing. This will be the running theme for today.Continue reading