Shepard’s Calibration

Shepard (my 3D printer) seems to love playing tricks on me. Now it has decided to tell me that it doesn’t have the axis calibrated. Such a joy to have to deal with.

I’m not sure if OctoPrint just cuts the video at certain points, but while printing a mug (calibration be damned!), the handle decided to snap off, which is a shame because it had the best support compared to the mug. I plan to get a simple digital caliper and see what the story is, but from rulers alone, I seem to be only getting about 38mm when I should be getting 50mm on average per axis.

So here’s what went wrong:

  • Painter’s Tape SUDDENLY made a bubble at the beginning of the print. I know ABS curls, but JEEZ! Never had that happen before.
  • Raft began to curl quite a bit (the bubble from earlier wasn’t helping)
  • The handle snapped off
  • Since the axis aren’t calibrated right, the head was scraping on the print after doing each layer. I’m sure that is why the handle broke off
  • Extruder fan decided to stop early

So what DIDN’T go wrong?

  • Extruder is extruding enough filament (or close enough)
  • No clicking! (I believe that this helped out immensely)

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