Halloween! Huzzah!

Yay, Halloween! That time of the year that holds quite a few cultural meanings around the world, with a meaning that changes as we age. Let’s be honest, the glee of Halloween couldn’t rival that of Christmas, but we’d be damned if it wasn’t an important day on our calendars. As we age, its meaning changes and at some point, it changes from receiving the candy towards putting it on the shopping cart. It’s tradition, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.I guess you can say Halloween is pretty much one of those big holidays. I may be nearing 25, but it is honestly nothing short but amazing to watch its evolution. Before was the usual costume choices that were quick pickups at James Way (feels weird saying that) that normally consisted of a costumed hood and outfit. The creativity of today defiantly shows how we have changed: where as toys with flashing lights back then were less common and more expensive, the same lights can commonly be found on costumes of today, young and old. When I see a costume, I see it for the craftsmanship that went into it, even store-bought ones. It may be the geek side of me showing, but I enjoy doing that sort of stuff: guessing how something works and question if it could be improved in any way.

In some respect, being able to observe and respect that sort of thing is something that just comes with age. Back then, all I cared about was that the batteries were good and the lights were bright enough. Now I question where the processor is (if any), where connections are made, and how, logically, things work. It makes everything a constant learning experience, most of which I wouldn’t’ be able to fathom attempting to learn in college.

Rambling aside, Halloween has always been a choice favorite in my holiday department. I may not be going out as I did in my youth gathering candy like I’m winning the lottery, but I’m still able to hold a great amount of excitement by observing its evolution over time.

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