High Fidelity On A Pi – Day 05

Day 05 – Ugh…

So I let the Pi do its business compiling until I goofed up and forgot to run screen first. A “tee-hee” disconnect moment later, and things started to get out of hand. At this point, I figured I would have to clean the build and start all over again. Well, needless to say, more errors just kept popping up after a clean and I’m convinced that I am missing something…

Well, surprise surprise, turns out someone ALREADY compiled QT5 for the Pi after going through the same struggles I have, but their time took 44 hours. According to the forums, a Pi2 owner (basically, a heavily upgraded Raspberry Pi with 1Ghz Quad-Cores) was able to complete the same feat in 4 hours. The only issue I see with that is the difference in ARM processor types, which I’m sure would give the Pi2 a major advantage over the Pi1 series. Well, at least the person who already compiled QT5 was kind enough to provide a repository file. I’m hoping it is recent enough for High Fidelity.

I know this journal came late, but juggling this side project, updating the blog, keeping an eye on CPU usage, and balancing Second Life work is something I am not used to and was very tempted to merge this as Day 05 and Day 06, but for the sake of keeping things organized, I am doing what I can to keep the days separated and organized in what happened on those days.

Also, Class 10 SD cards are SO much faster than Class 4. File upload and download speeds are considerably higher as a result. I’ll still use the DROID-W to continue my compiling attempts as an exercise, but I will proceed with the High Fidelity build on the original Model B Pi I started this concept with.

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